AFP Chief Gapay: UP, PUP may NPA recruitment

Pinangalanan ni Gen. Gilbert Gapay, chief of staff ng Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) ang University of the Philippines at Polytechnic University of the Philippines kung saan nagaganap ang pangrerecruit ng New People’s Army (NPA).

“We go to various schools, universities to really inform them of the threat of the NPA recruitment. The front organizations of the rebels have been saying that it is not true but just recently, our troops on the ground have engaged in encounters with students (from) PUP (Polytechnic University of the Philippines) and UP (University of the Philippines),” ayon kay Gapay.

“All along, they thought that their children were in school but they did not know that their children were already recruited and were being exposed to training in battle and being taught to shoot,” dagdag nito.

Giit pa nito na kailangan ang awareness program na magmumulat sa mga kabataan na ito ay isang modus ng NPA.

“We are doing this to really develop the students into responsible, patriotic citizens of our country. In all these activities, we are joined by the PNP in really protecting our youth from NPA recruitment,” aniya.

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