Japan, needs thousands of jobs from farming, nursing, construction and other sectors -DOLE

Foreign nationals, including Filipinos hoping to work in Japan under the new visa categories are required to pass technical tests and have a certain level of Japanese language skills according to DOLE Sec
Silvestre Bello III

The new visa categories which will be implemented in April 2019 allow foreign workers aged 18 or older to apply for two new residency status: Visa type 1 and Visa Type 2.

The first visa type allows foreign workers to work in middle and lower level of skilled jobs including farming, nursing care, construction and different others. Apart from passing Japanese language test and technical exams, it also requires decent work experience in the chosen position. The visa is valid for five years but holders will not be allowed to bring family members to Japan.

visit: POEA.gov.ph for more details.

The second visa type requires higher skill levels. It allows holders to bring in family members, unlimited renewals and permanent residency.

Japan will be accepting foreign workers to respond to shortage of labor in the fields of health care; building cleaning management; machine parts and tools; industrial machinery; electric, electronics and information; construction; ship building and ship machinery, automotive repair and maintenance, aviation; accommodation; agriculture; fishery and aquaculture; food and beverages; and food service.

The POEA advises interested Filipino workers to acquire knowledge in Japanese language and enhance their respective skills to qualify for the new job opportunities.

Job applicants are also advised to wait for the appropriate guidelines in the recruitment and deployment of Filipino workers for these two visa status to be issued by the Japanese and Philippine governments. The Foreign Ministry of Japan aims to sign the bilateral labor agreement with the Philippines by March 2019.

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