Mga pag-atake sa mga Asyano sa US ikinabahala ni VP Robredo

Ikinabahala ni Vice President Leni Robredo ang dumaraming kaso ng pag-atake sa mga Asyano sa United States.

“The recent attacks against Asians in the United States are deeply concerning, and an appalling turn of events. At a time when the world should come together in solidarity against the greater threat of the pandemic, Asians, some of them Filipinos, have been singled out as targets of rage and racial hatred. This has contributed to a climate of growing fear in an atmosphere already made volatile by COVID-19,” pahayag ni Robredo.

Pinakahuling naiulat ang pag-atake sa isang 65 anyos na babaeng Filipino sa New York City.

Naniniwala rin ang bise na sisiguruhin ng administrasyong Biden ang seguridad ng mga Asyano sa US.

“Hatred has no place in any society that wishes to heal,” giit ng bise.

“Towards this common goal, we stand as allies of the American people, behind a long history of friendship and a shared commitment to upholding democratic values and the dignity of every human being,” dagdag pa ni Robredo.

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