PACC Comm Belgica sa mga PhilHealth officials hindi makalulusot kahit nagbitiw na sa pwesto

Tiniyak ni Commissioner Greco Belgica of the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commissioner (PACC) na hindi makalulusot ang mga opisyal sa kanilang pananagutan kahit pa sila ay nagbitiw na sa kani-kanilang pwesto.

“Just because a government official has resigned doesn’t mean that we can’t go after him,” lahad ni Belgica.

Kasama na sa kanyang tinutukoy ang pagbibitiw ni Ricardo Morales sa PhilHealth at ilan pang kasamahan nito.

“No mafia can survive in the PhilHealth nor in any other government agency under the watch of the President,” punto ni Belgica.

“Ever since the PACC was created, we have fully supported the challenge of the President for a clean government.”

“Just let our office know [about corruption in an agency] and, if the evidence is concrete and once [the suspects] can be proven guilty, we will hold no one sacred. That’s the truth,” lahad pa ng opisyal.

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