Rep. Lagman, For many Filipinos, “Martial Law was not only a bad dream, it is a continuing nightmare”

Iginiit ni Albay 1st District Rep. Edcel Lagman na mailap pa rin ang hustisya para sa mga pamilya ng mga biktima ng pang-aabuso sa panahon ng martial law.

“We are only one of the tens of thousands of families who are still endlessly waiting for justice. For many Filipinos, Martial Law was not only a bad dream, it is a continuing nightmare,” ayon sa isang post ni Lagman.

“We should not forget the tragedy of martial law. We should not forgive the perpetrators and beneficiaries of Martial Law. National amnesia must be purged as an abhorrent malaise. Never again!” dagdag pa nito.

Inalala ni Lagman ang naging aral sa kanya ng martial law sa biglaang pagkawala ng kanyang kapatid na si Atty. Hermon.

Ka Popoy was a UP student when he dropped out to join the forces against the dictator Marcos. He survived the darkest years of Martial Law when he escaped from incarceration, and continued his crusade for the Filipino workingman. He was assassinated by unknown hired killers at the steps of the UP Bahay ng Alumni on February 6, 2001, or 19 years ago,” lahad nito.

Sinabi rin nito ang mga protestang pinangunahan ng mga manggagawa ng Gelmart Industrial Philippines, Inc; Navotas Fish Landing and Market Authority; La Tondeña Distillery, Inc.; Atlantic Gulf and Pacific Co.; at Solid Mills.

“All these unions had my brother Hermon as their counsel. We were collaborating counsel in the case of the batilyos or fish haulers in Navotas. As their counsel, Mon, as we fondly called him, was no ordinary lawyer. He rendered legal service pro bono. He even paid for the transcript of his client-workers’ testimonies in labor tribunals,” punto pa nito.

“Months turned into years of agonizing search, unanswered questions, endless waiting, and arduous striving for justice,” saad pa nito ukol sa pagkawala ng kanyang kapatid.

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