Russia ‘Ready to Help’ to Develop Nuclear Power Plant in the Philippines – Russian Envoy

Russia is ready to provide assistance in constructing nuclear power plants in the Philippines, but it is still awaiting the green light from the Philippine government, Russian Ambassador to the Philippines Igor Khovaev said.

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“I would like to emphasize that it’s up to you Filipinos to decide whether you’ll use sophisticated nuclear technology or not,” he said Thursday in an interview with CNN Philippines where he highlighted the safety and sophistication accompanying their Russian technology. 

“[W]e are ready to discuss any option of cooperation, we are ready to offer our sophisticated nuclear technologies, we are ready to help you build nuclear power plants, including the floating nuclear barges.” 

An agreement to explore the possible construction of nuclear power plants in the country was among the business deals signed during President Rodrigo Duterte’s trip to Russia early this month.

The ambassador also said Russia is open to Filipino migrant workers, but pointed out that “robust legal basis” should be laid out to protect the rights of both employers and employees.

“President Putin told his excellency President Duterte that Filipinos are most welcome. We need additional labor rsoruces and in this respect Filipinos are most welcome in Russia,” the ambassador said.

“We need labor resources in many industries, in oil industry – for example… Many Russian families will be happy to have house maids, baby sitters, caregivers, nannies from the Philippines,” he added.

Khovaev, however, pointed out the need for a bilateral labor agreement between the two countries on this matter.

“We need to solve one problem. We need to build a robust legal basis for our cooperation in this field. We have the legal basis efficiently protecting the rights and interest of both employers and employees,” he said.

“The interests of the people must be well protected. We should do our best in order to prevent any incidents in this field,” he added.

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  1. Sigurado ang AGAINST sa pagtatayo ng NUCLEAR POWER PLANT ay mga dilawan at mga kaalyado kasama na jan ang CPP-NPA.

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