TINGNAN: Hinuli ng mga awtoridad ang isang Chinese national na nagsaboy ng taho sa isang pulis sa MRT Boni Station kaninang umaga.

Nasa kustodiya na ng PNP ang Chinese national na si Jiale Zhang. Si Zhang ang nagsaboy ng taho sa isang police officer sa MRT-3 Boni station matapos siyang hindi papasukin sa istasyon.

Here’s the DOTr MRT-3 Press Statement

This refers to an incident wherein a Chinese national threw a cup of her carried ‘taho’ to a police officer inside our station.

According to the initial report provided by the authorities, around 8:30AM, today, 09 February 2019, at Boni Station, Chinese national named Ms. Jiale Zhang, 23 years old, threw a cup of ‘taho’ to Police Officer 1 William Cristobal after she was prohibited to enter the station.

Ms. Zhang entered the baggage inspection area where two security personnel have asked her to consume first her ‘taho’ before entering the station, but the former insisted not to do so. The matter has been turned over to PO1 Cristobal. As the police officer explained to Zhang the security policy of MRT-3, she threw her ‘taho’ to the police officer.

Zhang was immediately brought to the PNP-RMFB Detachment at Shaw Boulevard Station. The Chinese national apologized and was later released by the authorities.

The DOTr MRT-3 would like to stress that tighter security measures being implemented inside our trains and stations means no harm to our passengers. We are being cautious since we put in our topmost priorities the safety and security of our passengers and personnel following attacks in Mindanao.

Moreover, it should also be noted that even before the recent ban of bottled water, drinks and liquids, consumption of unsealed food and drinks are prohibited inside trains and stations as this can cause inconvenience, accident and delay to our operations.

Again, the DOTr MRT-3 would like ask our riding public for full cooperation and deeper understanding as we intensify our security measures.

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